Join us on the last Monday of every month for storytelling for adults.

We have special evenings where storytelling stars perform full-length shows, programmed evenings featuring a variety of tellers and from-the-floor evenings where you can book a slot and share a tale.
We have featured some incredible storytellers and musicians so far and look forward to welcoming many more! 

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Monday 29th January

Story Slam - new faces for the new year

We are welcoming some new faces to Brighton Storytellers to share a 10 minute tale with our wonderful gang of story listeners. Expect a warm welcome and some seriously stunning stories from guest tellers from near and far! 


Monday 26th February 


Monday 26th March : Ben Haggarty at Komedia!

Myths Unleashed: Atalanta 

A girl raised by a bear, Centaurs intent on rape, maniacal kings, troublesome boars and bitterly feuding deities contrive the bloodiest race to ever stain the soil of Arcady. Audaciously reshuffling epic Greek Mythology, Ben Haggarty brings to the stage a fierce tale of a remarkable virgin hunter and devotee of Artemis who sure as hell doesn’t want to have anything to do with men.Here the veneers of classical civilisation are stripped away and the truly awesome implications of the tales are made, sometimes unbearably, clear. Spend a moonlit night in the company of wild women, cocksure warriors and gods unleashed.

Having been trained in mime, and in theatre direction at East 15, and apprenticed as an image-maker with Welfare State, Ben is one of the world’s leading contemporary storytellers, renowned for his passionate and physical performances.He tours widely, has been a guest artist in over one hundred International Storytelling Festivals in twenty six countries and was for ten years the official storyteller with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. Ben is a much sought after teacher and director of storytellers and artistic director of the legendary Crick Crack Club. He is also Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin (UDK) and his graphic novel series for young men, MeZolith is published by Archaia.

‘A fresh dose of magic that you need in your life.’ *****

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But what is storytelling?

Storytelling in its simplest form is the art and craft of telling a good tale, to a live, present audience
Human beings have been telling each other stories since cavemen first shared the tales of their hunt and dreamt of the spirits that granted food and water.
In the modern age, despite astounding developments in entertainment technology, storytelling is experiencing a revival. It is a co-creative art form, the story forming in between the teller's words and the listener's imagination.
Neuroscientific studies have uncovered a wealth of fascinating effects of listening to story, from paired neural coupling to affecting levels of oxytocin and dopamine release. Psychologists and psychotherapists have long used traditional tales and biographical storytelling to help their clients make sense of life experience and educators harnessed the engaging quality of a story to capture their students' attention. 
Whether you are drawn to storytelling from a love of myth, a fascination with the human voice, desire to hear a tale well told or an interest in the applications of the art and craft of story, come and visit a Brighton Storytellers event to experience it for yourself.


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