Welcome to the home of traditional storytelling in Brighton!

We run a wide variety of storytelling events in and around the Brighton area, including open mic, workshops for schools and for adults, special guest storyteller slots and spectacular stars from the world of tale-weaving! 
We have featured some incredible storytellers and musicians so far and look forward to welcoming many more! 

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Festive Fabulations!

Brighton Storytellers and friends will be appearing at various locations throughout the month of May!

Run by Jonathon Huet (www.walkwithtrees.com

Storytelling, Poetry and Meditation evening

Tuesday 15th and Monday 28th May at 19:30

Run by Jonathon Huet

Guest Storyteller: Abbie Simmonds

Stanmer Park - 7:30pm

Listen to traditional stories and poems around the glowing embers of a primitive fire and learn the folklore of the trees and plants.The stories will be followed with deep meditation, hazel nut bread and a hot herbal forest tea.

Traditionally the first call of the cuckoo is the herald of summer announcing it is time to celebrate and to be in nature. This special evenings will run from May onwards to give people an opportunity to experience the warmer evenings with good cheer and like-minded company- what a wonderful way to spend an evening steeped in countryside tradition.

Spaces are limited and pre-booking is essential.

Bright Summer Blessings to All



Brighton Storytellers @Wordstock

19th May - Open Market 

13:45 - 15:00

The Skills of the Storyteller Workshop

Before the written word, humans told tales. Over the centuries, oral storytelling has survived as a method of communication as well as an art form. Whether it is Grandmothers by the fire, tavern troubadours or tellers of epic poetry, somehow storytellers are still here!

Join storyteller Abbie Simmonds in this 1 hr workshop to learn a few of the skills of oral storytelling, that can bring joy, magic and maybe a new lease of life to your writing, telling or narrative practise.

Suitable for all!

£6 - 16 places only!

Email hello@abbiesimmonds.com to pay and book your place!

16:00 - 17:00

Brighton Storytellers @ Wordstock! 


But what is storytelling?

Storytelling in its simplest form is the art and craft of telling a good tale, to a live, present audience
Human beings have been telling each other stories since cavemen first shared the tales of their hunt and dreamt of the spirits that granted food and water.
In the modern age, despite astounding developments in entertainment technology, storytelling is experiencing a revival. It is a co-creative art form, the story forming in between the teller's words and the listener's imagination.
Neuroscientific studies have uncovered a wealth of fascinating effects of listening to story, from paired neural coupling to affecting levels of oxytocin and dopamine release. Psychologists and psychotherapists have long used traditional tales and biographical storytelling to help their clients make sense of life experience and educators harnessed the engaging quality of a story to capture their students' attention. 
Whether you are drawn to storytelling from a love of myth, a fascination with the human voice, desire to hear a tale well told or an interest in the applications of the art and craft of story, come and visit a Brighton Storytellers event to experience it for yourself.


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