Just along the coast are our friends The Guesthouse Storytellers. They run a monthly storytelling club with regular open floor spots and special guests. Guesthousers Umi Sinha and Elizabeth Scott have also told stories for us. 

Sian Jones is a local storyteller, working with story, art and therapy. She shared her tales with us in Sept 2015. 

Joanna Gilar (Coleman) is a brilliant Brighton based poet and storyteller. She told tales for us in January 2015 and often works on projects with Abbie, exploring the connection between story and the environment. 

Rachel Rose Reid's storytelling has taken her all over the world. She's been dubbed the "Queen of new wave storytelling" and performed for our opening night in September 2014. 

Markus Luukkonen came all the way from Finland to share his charming, humorous and skilfully told tales. He performed for us May 2015.

But that's not all!

Brighton Storytellers have also hosted...

Andreas Kornevall

Gaspard Pelurson

Imogen Di Sapia

Darius Alexander 


We've had some seriously awesome storytellers telling some seriously awesome stories! Below are just a few of our storytelling friends! 

Fleur Shorthouse is one of Brighton Storytellers' regular performers. She is FAB! 

The brilliant Christine Cooper pictured here performing at our launch event in 2014. 

The irrepresible and unique Michael O'Leary performing Sussex Tales for Brighton Storytellers in April 2015. 

Jonathon Huet is a poeticSussex based teller who specialises in tales of the British isles. 

Storm Greenwood has often played her haunting and beautiful songs at our events - the perfect accompaniment to stories! 

Jamie Crawford is a brilliant storyteller who has performed all over the UK. We are lucky enough to have him living in Sussex! He performed for our opening night in Sept 2014. 

Xanthe Gresham-Knight is one of the UK's top performers and she just so happens to live near Brighton! She performed for us January 2015.

Amy and Josh (otherwise known as Bard & Troubadour) have told tales many times at Brighton storytellers with their energetic style. They are also excellent children's theatre makers!