What are we trying to achieve?

We are a collective of freelancers and community group.

Brighton Storytellers is committed to promoting the art and craft of performance storytelling through high quality programming. Brighton Storytellers events will feature experienced and professional storytellers. We aim to bring the best national and international tellers to Brighton, as well as create a platform for our local professionals. Evenings are programmed and curated by the Brighton Storytellers team, unless otherwise stated. If you are a professional storyteller who would be interested in bringing a short or longer performance to Brighton Storytellers, please email info@storytellingbrighton.com.


We are also committed to the community practise of storytelling. We will be creating opportunities for local amateur and less experienced tellers to book slots in special advertised events. There may also be slots available for less experienced tellers in programmed evenings, as the club grows and develops. We will be bringing story circles to Brighton, offering space for new tellers to experience telling a story to a group in a relaxed and friendly setting. These opportunities and details on how to apply will be advertised at Brighton Storytellers evenings, in the Brighton Storytellers newsletter, facebook group and twitter.